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Within the framework of the “The Fates of the Albanian Survivors in Mauthausen Camp” project program, middle and high school students in Tirana visited the exhibition at the National History Museum. Part of the youth delegation was also the deputy mayor of the Municipality, Mrs. Keti Luarasi. It was not for nothing that we connected this youth event with the Municipality of Tirana, as this year is the year of Tirana as the European Youth Capital and youth activities should start from the knowledge of history. Without history we have no future, and the future will be made by the youth. This was the focus of today’s meeting, after the tour of the exhibition, and the conversation with the young people, to convey to them the values ​​of our history, the suffering, and the right messages so that dictatorships do not repeat themselves. The young people from the history club in the schools of Tirana, not only heard the historical facts of this period, directed by the historian Dr. Dorian Koçi, but also left their impressions on the Wall of Memory, expressing in different ways how they see it. One of the most terrible events in the history of mankind precisely the mass murders during the Second World War. After presenting the exhibition and the artifacts for these stories of the Albanians who suffered in the concentration camp, the students were informed that there will be an essay competition on this topic. While students who have drawing skills can create sketches based on these stories. At the end, monetary prizes will be awarded.