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The Historical Research Mauthausen- D.Koci

Albanian internees suffered mostly in Mauthausen Camp. Why in Mauthausen? Because they firstly were deported from Albanian to Nazi Camps in former Yougoslavia, such as Zemun, Banjica, or Pristina, and then by train they were taken to the nearest destination which was Mauthausen. According the Memorial in Mauthausen, they entered 161 Albanians by origin. 112 died, 42 survived, 7 were transfered from Mauthausen to other concentration camps. In Mauthausen Museum there are only 4 photos of Albanians in the camp. 

They are: Vangjel Shkurti ( 1884 – 1944), Xhemal Myhyrdari(1908 – 1945), Kozma Nushi(1909 – 1945), Xhevdet Doda(1906 – 1945).