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Albanians in Mauthausen, an open lecture at EUT-European University of Tirana

Today on 18 May, 2022 in the conference room of European University of Tirana, DMO ALBANIA held an open lecture with students of history, diplomacy and tourism, with the topic: The fates of Albanians in concentration camps. The professor of History Mr Marenglen Kasmi presented a detailed situation of prisoners in concentration camps, focusing especially in Mauthausen camps. He also explained the philosophy of Nazi, how their ideology started and occupied the minds of millions of people in Germany and other allies, and how this philosophy took life to millions innocent people. He also introduced the curricula he prepared on this topic, what Albanians students should know about that part of history. He invited them to read the research of this project, the documentary with stories of survived people, so they can understand that these crimes happened also to Albanians among other nations from the world.

The director of DMO Albania and project leader Mrs Eva Kushova presented a summary of this project, how it is started, why this project and what we achieved so far.

More than 20 students were present in this lecture. Our host was professor of Applied Social Science Mr Klajdi Logu. He was so enthusiast for such topics because they are very important to know who we are, what happened to our relatives at least 70 years ago. He invited students to learn and apply for such projects so keep the stories of the past alive.

The students watched also the documentary From Hell to hell and made questions about that part of history and nazi ideology. Also, they asked about the way the history was told in our books during dictatorship of Enver Hoxha.