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Lecture in Vlora University “Ismail Qemali”

On June 10, the DMO Albania team, together with Professor Marenglen Kasmi, held an open lecture with students of tourism and other branches at the Aleksander Moisiu Durres University, regarding the fate of Albanians in Nazi camps.

This lecture is part of the project: History of Albanian survivors in Mauthausen, funded by EVZ Stiftung. The lectures are part of the process of educating young people with the past, and part of the information about the curricula prepared by Professor Marenglen Kasmi.

The project has entered the last phase where everything that has been studied in this project will be passed on to the younger generations through many activities. Initially, the pedagogy of this faculty, Brunilda Licaj, who facilitated the open lecture at the University of Durrës, informed the young people about the importance of knowing the past in the quads and dark tourism.

Furthermore, Mrs. Eva Kushova presented the project, its phases and all the work done, exhibitions in districts, publications, etc.

Professor Marenglen Kasmi made a more detailed presentation of Nazi and Hitler philosophy, ideology and the reasons why they exterminated people en masse. He spoke in detail about life in the concentration camps, the methods of execution, the fate of the Albanians, etc.