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Lecture with students at Tirana University, studying history

The documentary “From hell to hell”, part of the project implemented by DMO Albania in cooperation with National History Museum brought together a number of students from the Faculty of History, Tirana University, and the staff of the Project Mr Dorian Koci, historian and Eva Kushova, project coordinator from DMO ALBANIA.

Bringing to memory and keeping alive the testimonies and stories of those who suffered from Nazi Germany of 1933-1945, to the younger generations, to inform them about this untold part of Albanian history, was the focus of the discussion that preceded the screening of the documentary in the premises of Forum room at Center COD – Center For Openness And Dialogue

Initially Mrs. Eva Kushova presented the whole project, the steps, the last exhibition that was opened at the National Historical Museum, and above all she focused on the importance of the educational phase of the project

While the director of the Historical Museum, Mr. Dorian Koci, spoke about his research for this project and Nazi ideology. There were many questions from the students about the topic as they know this part of the Second World War is not clear and well explained in the history books. They had questions regarding the Albanian role in this war against the Germans, about the way they were captured, how the Albanians were arrested, how they were sent to camps.

The whole conversation was focused on questions and answers to provide as much information as possible for history students who need to research and research similar topics to better understand Albanian and world history

Then the curator of the exhibition, Elton Koritari, spoke to the students about the exhibition, its assembly, what stood out, how it was thought to give the part of the young people through the memory tunnel, etc.

In the end, everyone watched the documentary from Hell to Hell and continued during this time with many questions